Books I’m Reading

Altar Ego – God led me to this book as part of the sermon series we’re doing called “Broken Ego” and after reading, we decided to use their small group resources (so our Journey Groups are now doing the small group study and I love the study too).  This book is all about becoming who God says you are – not the person who the world (or Satan) tries to convince you to be.  I recommend this for anyone who wants to dig deeper into what we’re talking about on Sundays through the message series or small group study!

Image result for altar ego

Jim and Casper Go to Church – what a cool book.  Jim – a pastor and Casper – an atheist travel around the country attending various types of church services.  Chapter by chapter each story is told and you can read from an un-churched perspective what is and is not important to them.  Although only from one atheist’s perspective (Casper’s), it provides valuable insight into what ‘church folks’ think are important and really when it comes to life changing – what isn’t.  Check it out – a very good read!


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