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Separation of Church and State

Here are some great resources to help educate on the issue of Separation of Church and State.  There are many “assumed myths” that people use to make their case/argument; however, the facts remain.  Please check out the history and see for yourself. Website links are found below…

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Letter to Pickens Co School Superintendent

Background:  FCC wanted to host a special event to honor/recognize the special needs students from the schools in Liberty, so a party/sleepover was planned.  There’s much background to this, but it began when a special needs parent shared with one of our pastors that her child’s wish was to be invited to sleep over somewhere like his brother.  The schools were contacted and they supported the event.  Invitations were hand delivered, the schools accepted them without hesitation.  On follow up, one school “forgot” to let us know that they were not distributing the invitations to the special needs students or their families because the district office wouldn’t allow it.  Below is my response to the school district Superintendent.

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Christian Movies for 2014

Rumor is Hollywood has declared 2014 the “Year of the Bible” and unfortunately it makes that distinction solely based on the fact 6 movies are on the horizon for the year.  Six Christian movies sounds like a feat (by Hollywood standards), but even on face value, everything is not as it seems.

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Lost Books of the Bible?

I received a question this week from someone asking about the lost books of the Bible.

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Was Jesus Married?

I received a question this week from someone asking if Jesus was married, and if He had children. There are shows out there that plant seeds like this, and I am thankful to be asked to give my position.

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New for 2014

Here is it – something new!

What am I doing now – typing – but really my day has been spent visiting and preparing for Sunday’s message. God has been so good to me and my family. He has blessed our church family – and I assure you – He’s not done!

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