Joshua – what a man!

As I sit here studying for our next series (Journey of Faith), I can’t help but get excited!  Joshua was a great leader (notice I didn’t say a perfect leader).  In today’s world, we are quick to criticize and condemn due to imperfection, but I hope we remember we can be great without being perfect!

As Deuteronomy closes and the book of Joshua begins, Moses is dead and the Israelite’s are mourning his death.  As Moses’ right hand guy, Joshua is called on to step into Moses’ shoes and lead the people.  What a gift!  Joshua got a promotion, but the people he will lead are at the lowest of lows!  They’ve just lost their fearless leader… the one who led them out of Egypt’s bondage and across the Red Sea.  They had to question whether or not Joshua was “the guy” they should follow.

That’s the true test of leadership.  One of my doctoral professors told our cohort one day…  When you are in the midst of a crisis, don’t ask “why me” because leaders aren’t needed when everything is smooth and times are good.  Leaders show their true ability in a crisis – when everything is hitting the fan and it’s tough to see where to go or what to do.  That’s leadership!

Through a Christian lens, I’ll give you another clarity of what leadership looks like.  When you look at a Christian leader, you see straight through him/her… and see Jesus!  That’s the leader I strive to be!  That’s what a Christian leader should be!


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