2016 Year of Second Chances

I’ve been sharing with our church that I am praying for radical change in 2016!  I believe this to be the year of second chances for many people.  It’s a time where regardless of how bad the bad gets, or how bad your past was, you don’t give up.  You don’t give up on God because God never gives up on you!  And you don’t give up on yourself!

That sounds easier than it really is.  We ended the series yesterday with a powerful example of how one person overcame many obstacles in their life, and maintains a positive attitude and outlook on life!  This person sees life as something to be thankful for, not consuming himself with being negative or living in the past.  It’s a great reminder that our past does not define our future – and anyone, including you, can start over right here, right now!  This could be your second chance!

Use 2016 to make relationships right in your life.  If someone has offended you, forgive them.  If you’ve offended someone else (whether intentional or not), ask them to forgive you.  It’s not about forgetting, it’s not even about trusting again – those are part of restoring a relationship – but it’s all about shaking the heavy load off your shoulders and letting go.  Then, God can lead you through steps to reconcile and restore the relationship.  Some relationships can’t be restored, but all relationships can be reconciled.  A couple of definitions of reconcile are: to coexist in harmony; restore friendly relations between…  It’s essential, but you can never reconcile a relationship until there is forgiveness.

I have a friend in another state who has humbled me so much.  He is the great example I mentioned above.  His character, courage, and strength absolutely blow me away.  And in the midst of hell itself, he remains positive and thankful.  If we could all just get a hefty dose of that in our lives.

My first challenge to you is simple – repair broken relationships in your life.

My second challenge comes from my friend – reach out to someone who no one is reaching out to, and pour out the love of Jesus in their life.  Be the hands and feet of Jesus to them.  Life really is all about relationships!


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