February Update

Happy February!  I shared with our church yesterday that God slapped me upside the head two weeks ago.  One person approached me and said I needed to join him on the Daniel fast for February.  I had just spent the morning message sharing with our church about the connection between physical and spiritual health.  In my head I had my doubts about doing the fast.  It wasn’t that I was questioning my faith, I have fasted before and know I could do it.  The question was whether or not I ‘wanted’ to do it.  But he played the GOD card (you know… it’s the one I play every week) so I didn’t really have a choice.  That evening another friend challenged me to go to the gym with him regularly.  My thoughts went back to 1997 when Lori and I lived in Macon, Georgia, and we joined Gold’s Gym.  Notice I said “joined” instead of “worked out at.”  I paid them for a year in advance, but only went once or twice.  So I could just see my money flying away… But then I remembered a time in 1999 when I intentionally worked out and lost 30 pounds in a month.  As a flight medic I had to weigh under a certain limit, so I did what it took to lose the weight.  But when I stopped flying, I stopped exercising and eating right.  So now God was telling me through two people in one day that I needed to refocus my life and practice what I preach.  I’m in!

My daughter Camryn and I are on the Daniel fast, and so far it isn’t that bad.  When I crave something I can’t have, I go to God through prayer and reading His Word.  When I want to waiver, my accountability partner holds me to the line.  Man, I really don’t see how people live life without a church family!  I need the accountability.  I need the support and encouragement.  I need Godly people in my life.

This week’s message was about setting goals that will be blessed by God as we are transformed for Him!  It isn’t a resolution because resolutions are quickly broken.  My goal is to get healthier in 2015 and let that be a beginning to a lifestyle change full of radical transformation – physically and spiritually.  Are you in?  Will you join me?


2 responses

  1. i did it for the first 21 days of Jan….. lost 12lbs

    February 2, 2015 at 9:51 pm

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