Christian Movies for 2014

Rumor is Hollywood has declared 2014 the “Year of the Bible” and unfortunately it makes that distinction solely based on the fact 6 movies are on the horizon for the year.  Six Christian movies sounds like a feat (by Hollywood standards), but even on face value, everything is not as it seems.

Here is the list (with release dates):

–        Release Feb 28:  Son of God (Playing in Easley)

–        Release Mar 21: God’s Not Dead (Playing in Easley)

–        April: Heaven is For real

–        December: Mary, Mother of Christ

–        December: Exodus

But that’s only 5 movies!  The 6th movie is one I’m leaving out, because I can’t endorse it.  On March 28, “Noah” is being released.  Unfortunately, critiques are shouting from the rooftops that this is not the biblical account of Noah we are familiar with.  Instead, there are many differences that set apart this movie as being fictional.  I really want you to know the difference because movies can be powerful.  If it is biblical then it is factual – if not, it’s fiction.  Am I saying you shouldn’t see “Noah” – not at all.  You see lots of movies that aren’t true.  Just go into it knowing not to believe everything you see (in fact, it may be a great idea to read the account of Noah in Genesis before seeing the movie so you’ll be able to recognize the difference).

I’m not a movie critic but wanted to get the word out about the upcoming movies I feel we as a Christian community should avidly support!  If we support them – hopefully there will be more movies with a Christian message coming down the pike!


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